12 Steps to a Website You LOVE

that Actually Works and Gets You Sales

Are You Just About Ready to Give Up On Your Website?

So, you’ve started building your own website? You should be SO proud of yourself! Seriously, it’s not an easy thing to do and you’re a badass for sticking with it.

But now, you’ve hit a bit of a brick wall…


You know you need lots of help but you don't even know where to start (or who to ask!)


You've got by so far searching on Google and YouTube, but now you're really struggling.


You hate being so web illiterate. You're sure your 5 year old gets it more than you do!


You feel so hopeless at tech stuff; you've pretty much given up with the whole thing.


You're sure you're missing something; other people seem to just know how to do this stuff!


You've tried so many times, but you think you're rubbish at it and it's time to hire a professional.


There are so many things you feel you should be doing, but you worry you're not even aware of them.

You just feel completely lost with what to do.

When I first started building WordPress websites about a decade ago, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

I didn’t actually know that much about the techy stuff. I hadn’t figured out what essential plugins I should be using. And I wasn’t doing the non-negotiable daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks. Things I should have been doing to keep my site safe, secure and legal.

When I think about it know, I can see I was teetering on the edge of disaster. In danger of losing the whole thing…and I didn’t even know it.

Until I did.

I made every mistake under the sun; learning from every hack, broken site and sleepless night.

As for content; I was scrambling for words, hoping they were the right ones. And images? Google was my friend *slaps own wrist*.

I didn’t really know who I was talking to, let alone what to say. If I’m honest, it was all guess work.

Fast forward nearly a decade and over £10,000 worth of training (YEESH!) and now I know this stuff in my sleep (well, I have to; I’ve built so many websites for other people, and look after loads of people’s websites every day!).

So obviously, I get questions all the time from stressed out WordPress website owners who feel totally out of their depth. They want to make sure they’ve got all their bases covered.

So I’ve decided it’s time I did something to help.

I’ve designed a 12 Step Course which gives you the building blocks for a stunning website that works, including the content, not just the tech and design.

This time, you’ll do things in the right order (and the right way) so you feel confident and in control.


the Content



the Content


the Site

No More Feeling Confused by Content and Trapped by Tech

Now You Can Feel Proud of Your Business and Have the Time to Focus on Doing What You Love

What’s Included

in the 12 Step Course (launches Monday 13th April)


Every step includes a 1hr simple to follow, jargon-free and fun video training by me, Kate Litt (Your Website BFF!). Each training includes a worksheet with quick, straightforward actions, so you can plan, create and build your website, step-by-step. No more guesswork!

STEP 1 - Who

Understand WHO you want to visit your website so you can be laser focussed in your content and design.



Now you know who you’re talking to, I’ll show you how to become clear about exactly WHAT you’re selling.



We’ll look at the WHY behind your website; both your overall mission, and why you need a website at all.


Now you know who, what and why, we’ll look at WHERE you’ll add your content; your sitemap.

STEP 5 - HOW: the tech

The HOW’s get into the practical tech set up; no more decisions to make, I’ll share my WordPress secrets.

STEP 6 - HOW: the customer journey

You’ll learn how to guide your customer to take action once they’re on your site, using proven techniques.

STEP 7 - HOW: images & graphics

You’ll learn why and how you can use images effectively on your website and where to find them.

STEP 8 - HOW: the homepage

This week means no more guess work about what to include on the most important page on your website!


STEP 9 - HOW: about page

Struggle no more with the nemesis of business owners, as you learn exactly what to include.

STEP 10 - HOW: products & services

We’ll look at the options for selling on your website, including eCommerce and ways to sell offsite.

STEP 11 - HOW: getting traffic

Learn how blogging can drive traffic to your website, including simple SEO that everyone can use.



Finally, I’ll help you to create a PLAN for getting your site created and launched; accountability included!

And That’s Not All!

Also Included…

Facebook Community Group - 12 MTHS Access (Worth £360)

A place to chat, make connections and have direct access to me for any course and WordPress related questions. Annual access so you can keep asking questions, even after you’ve finished the course (usually £30 a month).

WordPress User Guide & VIDEOS (WORTH over £300)

These 89 short videos and accompanying PDF guide are usually only available to my Website BFF Squad members, but now YOU can have access to them too, for 12 months. Learn the WordPress basics and more (WITHOUT GOOGLING!).

A full WordPress Manual, plus the most up-to-date training videos including: 45 WordPress, 5 Gravity Forms, 4 Yoast SEO, 14 WooCommerce, 21 Google Analytics

Well Hello There


I’m a WordPress nerd. A home educating, tech-obsessed introvert, who can usually be found within arms length of her MacBook Pro. I’m also a rainbow haired, serial entrepreneur, with a glitter and David Bowie obsession.

My favourite place to be is my home office.

My favourite thing to do is build WordPress websites.

I’m a certified WordPress Consultant and I’m about to complete a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (totally not going to start using the wanky letters after my name that this gives me though…honest 😜).

If you’re struggling to get your website where you want it to be, you’re in the right place. Let me take that worry away and give you the reassurance you’re looking for.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women in business, at all stages of their journey. I’m driven by helping others to change their lives by creating a business from their talents.




I Bet You’re Wondering About the Cost…

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12 Steps to a Website You LOVE

that Actually Works and Gets You Sales